Glowing: A Reproduction Production, Written and performed by Mary-Jo Dionne, Saturday May 9, 2015

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The day the Director of the Emmy-award-winning Ellen DeGeneres Show called her material “fresh”, “bold”, and “full of energy” was a good day in the life of writer, Mary-Jo Dionne. And the day Oscar-winner Cloris Leachman said she was the “best interviewer'ess (she'd) ever experienced” was equally as good. This bi-coastal Canadian has worked as an advertising copywriter on North America’s biggest brands – from Lululemon to Nike Canada. A finalist for Vancouver’s Funniest New Female Comedian and Vancouver’s Funniest Person with a Day Job, her writing was called “A masterpiece of urban satire that will have you laughing so hard you’ll glow,” by The Globe and Mail.

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Thank you so much for writing such a smart, funny, complimentary article.”

Ellen DeGeneres

She is Editor-in-Chief of Best Friends Magazine, a regular contributor to Modern Dog Magazine, a former Contributing Editor for The Block Magazine, and her work has appeared in FASHION Magazine.

A former Flight Attendant, Mary-Jo holds a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Education, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Media Copywriting, and can recite her old welcome on-board announcements at parties – in both official languages.

A frequent on-air guest in the realm of both melanoma awareness as well asĀ animal issues, she was host of DogBytes on Vancouver’s Shore 104.3FM, founder of TheFleasKnees tees, Fees for Fleas, and the annual Wine and Fleas fundraiser. Admittedly dog-obsessed, Mary-Jo is currently working on her first book Nella the Lazy Dog, with illustrator Danielle Krysa.

Whether you know her as Mary-Jo, emjay, jojo, or Jo, she is always, absolutely, no-matter-what, simply ink.


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